10 healthy meals for more energy and less pounds


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The next 10 meals, according to nutritionists, can contribute to a significant reduction in overweight because they saturate and contain quite a few calories. They are simple to prepare, tastefully sound and completely fill your batteries.

Oatmeal with blueberries, honey and walnuts. Great serving low-calorie breakfast.

Muesli with freshly squeezed fruit juice or milk (optional). Of course, only one full dish.

Sandwich – dietary bread with seeds, boiled chicken meat, low fat fat hard cheese and lettuce.

Cheese with dried fruits (Usually useful dates. Take two to three fruits, cut into small pieces and mix with cottage cheese).

Omelet with herbs and fresh vegetables. To complete the meal, 2-3 eggs and your favorite vegetables are enough.

Sour milk with banana, apple and cornflakes (requires: half a banana cut into slices, half finely chopped apple and 2-3 tablespoons cornflakes).

Milk powder (a meal rich in iron)

Avocado salad, 2 eggs and grated cheese. Cut and decorate as desired.

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