5 mistakes that you make all your life while showering, and you hurt your health

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Do you rinse the soap before you use it? Do you wash the shower room right after bathing?

According to statistics, each of us passes a year and a half in the bathroom, half a year we shower.

This is not surprising given that hygiene plays a significant role in our lives.

The most common mistakes you make when showering:

Do not shower immediately after exercise
After-exercise showering is not only necessary because of the bad odor, but also because of the bacteria that grow on your skin when sweating. You can easily get a rash.

Shave your legs before visiting the pedicure salon
When shaving, you can make a wound to the legs through which you can easily get infected in the pedicure salon.

Do not make drastic differences in water temperature
At the end of the shower, throw a cold water on yourself. This mild shock to the body increases the resistance to stress, strengthens immunity and acts as an antidepressant.

However, do not do this before bedtime because it can cause insomnia.

Wash your hair every day
People with thin and weak hair should avoid frequent washing. It’s ideal twice a week to have a natural balance of hair moisture on your head.

Also, remember that too much shampoo irritates and dries the skin, and the water rinses good bacteria, so the risk of developing infections is greater.

Bend your hair with a towel
Once wet, the fibers are much more deformed and become brittle. To avoid this, do not wring the hair in the towel after washing.

Also, with this move you create a sauna effect on your head, the sebaceous glands begin to work more actively and as a result, the hair is more quickly faded.

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