A recipe of only 3 ingredients with a miraculous power for weight loss

Weight loss

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If you thought that weight loss was an impossible mission, then this is the right time to try this incredible drink of just 3 ingredients. Not for a nap is called a miracle of weight loss – it has an amazing effect in just a month. It is a recipe that will help your body get rid of excess water, eliminate bloating, break down fat cells and stimulate the overall work of your body in order to quickly remove toxins from you.

But the best of all is the fact that you probably already have the necessary ingredients in your home, while preparation takes just 5 minutes.

Ingredients required:
1 lemon
60 grams of parsley
60 milliliters of water
Manner of preparation and application:
Drain the lemon and cut the parsley into small pieces, then place them in a glass and pour water on them.

This drink has the best effect on an empty stomach. Consume one glass per day, over 6 days, then make a break of 10 days, so start from the beginning. If you start from today, in just a month you will need a new wardrobe because everything you have will be great!

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