Back pain, swelling, breathlessness: Signs that show that the kidneys are not working properly

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Every day our body performs many functions, and our dynamic life, as well as bad habits, sometimes hinder the proper work.

When something is wrong, the body sends us messages through signs that we should not neglect.

Every part of the body is associated with some symptoms, and when you gather more at once, you need to take something.

So, if you have a problem with more than the following things, it could mean that the kidneys are not working properly and that you need to check.

How many of these symptoms have you noticed in you?

Problems with the dream
When the kidneys do not work properly, means that toxins can not get out of the body in the urine and remain in the blood. Increased levels of toxins cause severe sleep.

Loss of breath
The relationship between kidney problems and dealing with air loss, especially if you have not tired of anything special, may depend on two things. First, excess fluid moves towards the lungs when the kidneys do not work properly. Second, the anemia deprives the body of oxygen and this results in a loss of breath.

Headaches, fatigue, lack of strength
When the kidneys do not work properly, less hormone plays a role in the production of red blood cells, and the reduced amount results in fatigue, muscle weakness, and brain activity.

Dry skin, itching
Healthy kidneys help remove excess fluid in the body and maintain an adequate amount of minerals in it.

Dry skin and itching are a sign of malfunctioning and unsuccessful maintenance of the balance of minerals and nutrients, resulting from diseases in bones or kidneys.

Swelling of the ankles, feet and hands
Because of the excess fluid that is retained in the body, some parts of the body like the feet, the ankles of the legs and arms begin to swell.

Bad breath and taste of metal
When accumulated toxins and excess in the body and blood, the taste of food changes and leaves the taste of metal in the mouth. It can also lose appetite, which leads to loss of weight.

Back pain
Pain in the lower back may often be due to kidney problems, and it can be felt in the upper anterior part of the legs, as well as in the hips section.

Changes in the urine
The kidneys are responsible for the urine and the removal of excess fluid through it. Changes in quantity, smell and color should not be ignored.

Increased need for urination, especially at night.
Blood in the urine.
Urine sputum.

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