Beetroot – a cleaner of the organism


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The results of the medical research show that the consumption of beets cleans the liver, the toxin organ and the other “trash”, removes constipation and other bowel problems, but prevents the development of malignant tumors. This vegetable contains the highest number of minerals and vitamins, including the exceptionally rare B12.

For the beets say it is able to fix a lot of things in the body that are corrupted.

Beetroot is considered the most useful and the most healing vegetable that contains many vitamins and minerals, it is extremely rich in protein, fat and carbohydrates, and, importantly, it is easily digested.

The minerals contain almost everything – calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, fluoride, manganese, copper, iodine, sulfur, lithium, strontium, bromine. Of the vitamins, the most common are B1, B2, C, and the rare vitamin B12.

The red color of the beets comes from anthocyanin that affects the recovery of blood, while the beets as a whole have an anticancer properties.

In addition, its healing properties in the case of demineralization of bones and teeth are also confirmed.

The presence of iodine makes it a valuable drug against arterosclerosis and the aging process.

The basic great healing properties of this vegetable comes from the ingredients of betanin and betaine that stimulate substance exchange, regulate blood pressure, lower cholesterol, maintain blood vessels in good condition, stimulate liver function.

Beetroot is extremely useful in the treatment of anemia in children and young people, because it contains a high percentage of iron.

It affects the work of the gut and its peristalsia, because it contains cellulose and pectin. However, in order to meet the daily needs for fiber, five medium size beads should be eaten.

Beetroot is also effective in the most severe diseases, but cooking loses some of its healing properties and it is therefore recommended that it be consumed freshly.

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