Carrot – a source of good health and beauty


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The Golden Mine of Vitamins or “Super Foods”, here’s how they still call it carrot. It originates from Central Asia and the Middle East, and the carrot, which is available to us today, originates in Afghanistan.

When we say carrots, our first association is beta-carotene in fantastic quantities. One carrot contains a recommended daily dose of beta-carotene. When we eat carrots or other vegetables or fruits that are rich in beta-carotene, the body turns it into vitamin A (important for maintenance of functions for normal vision, cell growth and healthy mucous membranes).

Vitamin A helps eyes to adjust in the dark and improves the health of the skin and hair. Carotene is best used by crude grated carrots. It is a long list of beneficial ingredients in carrots – it is rich in minerals, vitamins, pectins and essential oils. It is also a long list of conditions in which carrot acts favorably – the carrot stimulates the body’s development of the child, strengthens the bones and increases the resistance to infections, increases the number of red blood cells and keeps and improves vision.

It acts as a cleaner in the body of harmful substances that are created by consuming a bad diet, under the influence of polluted air and various radiation.

To improve the beneficial effect to the greatest measure, carrots can be thermally treated with a little olive oil.

Freshly diced carrot juice is a great energy drink. It is good to keep the juice for a few seconds in the mouth, because it has great power to kill the bacteria.

With carbohydrates and proteins, it contains a large amount of fiber-containing substances and creates a feeling of satiety. It is thought to help eliminate fatigue and improve concentration.

Thanks to its pleasant taste and light digestion, carrots are introduced into the baby’s diet as one of the first vegetables.

And carrot leaves can also be eaten because they contain many minerals, but they need to be treated thermally.

He is a packaged vegetable, and when taken into account the fact that it is very nutritious, we can conclude that carrots are excellent even as a supine proposal.

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