Carrot as healthy vegetable

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Carrot is one of the healthiest types of vegetables because it contains many useful and medicinal ingredients. How food is used all over the world. Carrot has a pronounced antimicrobial (antibiotic) effect.

Carrot is a two-year herb, and its root is used for eating. Carrot originated in Afghanistan, and throughout history it has been transmitted to all countries in the world. It is used for nutrition throughout the year.


Interestingly, today there is carrot with different colors: orange, white, yellow, red, purple … The various carrot colors contain various antioxidants, ingredients that fight the harmful effects of free radicals in the body. Root is commonly used, but the carrot leaves, but previously cooked, can also be used.

Carrot contains the following nutrients and medicinal ingredients:

vitamin C
vitamin A
vitamin B
vitamin D
vitamin PP
vitamin X
essential oils
Manner of use

Carrot in the diet is used: fresh (like salad), cooked or fried (as an additive in soups, in stews, in dishes without meat or meat). It is also used as a spice. It is also used in winter because it is easily stored (in a refrigerator, in a freezer, in a basement).

Because carrots contain little calories, and many useful ingredients are often used in dietary nutrition and in the diet of children. It is very healthy fresh juice, whether it is consumed by itself or with another juice. Carrot juice is used for coatings in the treatment of some skin diseases.


Carrot contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, and due to its antioxidant effect, it has a very beneficial effect on the body. It increases the natural defensive resistance of the body, that is, it strengthens immunity. In this way, carrot is a natural remedy that helps in many diseases and pathological conditions.

Due to its useful and healing effect, carrots are recommended for the following conditions and diseases:

mild-blood (anemia),
diseases of the teeth,
diseases of the heart and blood vessels,
acids in the stomach,
loss of appetite,
depression and stress,
children’s worms,
skin diseases (dermatitis, eczema),
to improve vision,
for faster healing of the wounds,
for better combustion of fats in the body,
in immunodeficiency,
for strengthening the nails,
with chicken blindness,
in macular degeneration,
in diseases of the kidney,
to maintain brain functions,
in burns,
in osteoporosis,
to reduce fatigue,
at elevated body temperature,
with increased cholesterol,
in case of cold and flu,
in hair problems,
against cough (juice),
to regulate digestion and constipation,
to regulate blood pressure,
for maintaining normal body weight,
to regulate metabolism,
for the prevention of malignant diseases,
for inflammation of the tonsils and vocal cords,
against cellulite,
in diabetes,
in a stroke.

Mode of action

Numerous studies have shown that carrots have the role of a “scavenger” of the body. It cleans the body of the harmful substances that occur with poor nutrition and the action of the polluted environment and the various radiation.

In Norway, carrot is recommended to children in the form of “Oslo breakfast” because it is thought to help eliminate fatigue in improving concentration, helping to better learning and better school success.

Carrot is a useful food and a good natural remedy for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Because it is a useful, cheap and affordable food, carrots should often be used in the diet.

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