Cleaning your ears can reveal your health condition

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Cleaning your ears with a soft wand for several days is a hygienic habit that we acquire from small legs.

But rarely anyone knows that the color of the ear wax can reveal the overall health condition, as well as the possible risks and problems.

Therefore, check the color and texture for the next time, do not be disgusting.

Grey color
In most cases, it is only about accumulated dust. If you do not have any other pain and symptoms, you are probably only moving into a contaminated area.

Traces of blood
If you notice the slightest point of blood, this may indicate damage to the membrane, or infection. Be sure to visit the doctor before your hearing is heard.

Brown traces
Darkened wax is a sign that you have suffered a lot of stress lately. You need relaxation.

Black traces
This is a serious sign of anxiety, which if accompanied by itching, tingling or pain, you must visit a doctor. Black traces are also a sign that the body has a fungal infection.

White color
If the ear wax is whiter than usual, it means that you lack iron.

Traces of unpleasant smell
Every unpleasant smell is a sign that there is an infection, so you should not ignore this sign.

Liquid texture
If the ear wax is swollen, it is a sign that your ear has suffered some physical injury or is at the beginning of an inflammatory process. Be sure to visit a specialist.

Dry texture
This is a sign of lack of fat in your body. Try to consume more healthy foods. Another cause of dry texture can be skin diseases.

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