Diet with green tea

Green tea

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Daily drinking of green tea is a great way to work out your metabolism and download extra pounds. Diet with green tea helps weaken, blocks carbohydrate absorption and helps burn fat stores in the body.

Green tea is a powerful antioxidant that helps not only in attenuation, it also protects from a number of diseases, including malignant tumors.

Combined with a moderate exercise mode and green tea, you can achieve extremely good results for your physique. Here’s how:

1. Start each day with green tea

Warm or cold – it does not matter. It is important to wake up with green tea early in the morning. Drink one large glass of green tea instead of coffee.

2. Drink another glass of green tea before breakfast

The breakfast should be about an hour after the waking from sleep. Before the morning meal, drink another 250 ml of green tea or a large bowl. It will help you to stimulate the immune system and metabolism.

In addition, a large glass of green tea before breakfast allows the body to be used from high levels of energy, as well as burning more calories during meals during the day.

3. Drink green tea before noon

Drink 250ml of green tea before accessing your lunch. In addition to the benefits of green tea, drink and two glasses of water. The result will be a smaller amount of absorbed food in the rest of the day.

In no case do not miss breakfast or lunch, because it slows down the metabolism!

A glass of green tea before noon helps to reduce fat. It helps the body to remove the fat properly.

4. Drink green tea before dinner

Drink a glass of green tea before dinner. You will see the same benefits as other meals. The minimum cups of green tea a day should be 4. If you want to increase weight reduction, you can afford more cups of green tea per day. It is important, however, not to exceed 8 cups.

This is because green tea is a natural diuretic and a large amount can cause dehydration – contrary to the desired effect. Do not ignore the intake of drinking water during the day. It is also necessary.

Cold green tea increases calorie burning. Therefore, the intermittent introduction of hot and cold tea is a great combination.

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