Dried plums – more than healthy!

Dried plums

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Spring offers plenty of fresh foods that satisfy all the needs of your body. But you must not forget one of the healthiest groceries that you can consume independently during the year we are. Dried plums are a real treasure of minerals and vitamins …

Did you know that dried prunes are in the first place according to the amount of antioxidants, and that far ahead of other fruits and vegetables ??? !!!

Apart from the high percentage of fiber that keeps the entire digestive system, dried prunes also contain quercetin, the strongest antioxidant, which is the biggest protector in the creation of all cancers and tumors.

The dry plum has an energy value of 240 kcal per 100 g and high fiber content (7g / 100g). In the composition of the dry plum has a high fluoride content, but also for potassium and vitamin K. Rich in fluorine, which is especially important for teeth and bones, but also has a protective role for the body, especially from bacterial infections.

Consumption of dried plums represents a real bomb of healthy and above all maximally exploitable minerals and vitamins.

Spring is a time of diets !!!

And dry plums are the top 1 food that guarantees a successful diet !!!

Why is that?

Dried plums are rich in fiber, so they regulate digestion. Consuming 3 or 4 dried plums in the morning, before breakfast, will speed up and ease the digestion of food. They accelerate metabolism by an incredible 30 percent. No one knows exactly why this is so, but it is assumed that the cause of accelerating metabolism is chemical reactions and the perfect balance of fiber and minerals that contain dry plums.

In case you feel a severe famine, take two to three dry plums. They are rich in magnesium, fiber and are less caloric than other fruits. Thus, in 100 grams of dried plums have 235 calories.

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