Easy ways to lose 3 pounds in 1 week

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Once you overdo it with meat, pasta and salads, and you will feel that you have pumped some kilogram that bothered you, it’s time to find the ideal slimming plan.

No one would recommend quick diets or pills that promise you the perfect line, so we offer you absolutely natural alternatives.

Choose at least 4 easy ways to combine and thanks to them you will lose 2 to 5 kilograms in just one week.

1. Drink plenty of water

No energy drinks, confusion and fresh juices – exclusively water. Other fluids hide sugars and calories that just worsen the situation. Water, on the other hand, has 0 calories, carbohydrates and sugars, so you can freely reach for the cup whenever you like. A few pieces of lemon and mint in it are always welcome.

2. Get rid of white bread and pasta

Change your habit of eating bread and dine noodles and you’ll notice a change immediately. The fact that you will not feel bloated will help you in the start. Replace white bread with cereals whole grains, and various pasta sauces, as well as pasta and spaghetti themselves – replace them exclusively with fresh vegetables.

3. Drink coffee 1 hour before exercise

This is the only exception you can make from the “guiding rule” that we mentioned earlier. Just as the morning coffee makes you more productive, so drunk coffee before your workout speeds up your metabolism and gives you energy. Only, it’s a black coffee without any accessories.

4. Have sex in poses in which you are upstairs

Not that you need an excuse to persuade your partner to do something like this, but the fact is that this is a great way to burn some fat excess.

5. 36 push-ups and stepped out every other day

Skeletons shape the upper part of the body, while the ridge runs on the buttocks, hips, and thighs. You are satisfied with 3 sets of 12 exercises every other day.

6. Sleep for 30 minutes at night

That half-hour dream will give you enough energy to make the right choices throughout the day. In other words, when you are asleep you have a lower desire for sugars and caffeine that supposedly need to increase it.

7. Discard one type of food

For example, if you quit chips or dessert after dinner, you can only increase several calories during the day. Your body will not notice such a difference, and long-term results are guaranteed.

8. Salmon for lunch

It’s full of nutrients that tone your muscles, and give your skin a perfect glow. Plus, you will not reach for a piece of fatty meat.

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