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More and more people are turning to alternative medicine or known to us as a babin remedy, that is, treating natural ways.

It is passed from generation to generation, and there are records that it is assumed that the Germans took over the use of gas from Serbs for health purposes during the First World War. The weakened Serbia, because of the Balkan wars and the war against the Turks, is left alone to fight the three major armed forces, without basic medical means and medicines for the care of the sick and the wounded, the drug was sought in the gassy. At least that part of the inhabitants of the occupied Serbia and the members of the military, who had access to the gassy.

Dr. Paul Ganer of the Jacob Clinic, claims that if a person drank 12 days a day for one teaspoon of gassia, he will never have cancer, leukemia, or some other serious illness. Dr. Paula herself was in a difficult situation, when at the age of 31 she was suffering from bowel cancer. It was operated, but the cancer spread to the kidneys and when doctors found that they could not help her fired from the hospital. Then her husband recommended that he take a drink.

A miracle happened: after three days she got out of bed, and after six weeks she reached normal weight and became healthier. Since then, she has recommended to all the sick, but also to the healthy ones, to drink gas, and in her records there are over 2,000 cured cases of the most severe diseases.

An interesting case is the Schwarz family from Berlin, who introduced the practice, that every Friday, every member of the family will take a cube of sugar with 15 drops of gas. They have been doing this regularly for 70 years and have never been ill, everyone is healthy and durable.

The gassia, however, has one major disadvantage, due to which its wider use in treatment is not stated: it is very cheap. And that, of course, does not suit many doctors and pharmaceutical industries because they “live” the most difficult diseases that attack humanity. Dr Ganer himself had problems with the authorities and was even punished, but the use of gassy in some countries was legalized for treatment. For now, in Switzerland, France, Poland and Hungary, where pharmacy gases can be purchased, from which unpleasant odors are removed.

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