First aid in mosquito bites


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You will agree that mosquitoes are an inevitable evil on the summer nights. It’s especially troublesome the next morning when you see a mosquito bite and start to itch. The red circle that occurs at the site of the bite is actually a mild allergic reaction. Read some quick and simple tips for first aid in mosquito bites.


Green tea

The first thing you can put on the sting is an antihistamine cream. If you do not, then let nature take care of your problem. Soak in a bag of green tea and place it on the spot of the bite. A bath with oat bath can help.


Honey has an antibacterial effect, so theoretically it could help prevent possible infection at the site of the bite.

Sticky tape

Place a sticky tape or bandage at the place of the bite. This will prevent itching that irritates the skin and can lead to additional infection.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect and will help reduce itching and redness. Better effect is if you put the gel of aloe vera in the refrigerator.


If you do not have any of the above, then take a look at the effect of alcohol. Beat the place of the drunk with alcohol, you will feel cool and tingling that will prevent you from itching and at the same time will make disinfection and protection against infection.

Place “X” at the site of the bite

The council you must have received from your grandmother. Using the nails, mark the spot on the nail, making the letter “X”. Pressing the sting area causes instant pain that keeps you from itching.

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