Five simple ways to get rid of the ants in the home


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With the advent of the warm days, many troubles are plagued with persistent guests, namely the ants begin collecting winter trees, and our home is their favorite destinbation. In a struggle with an annoying “company” we are helped by natural and cheap means whose smell and composition will prevent their arrival.

Thoroughly clean all rooms in the home

The first step in combing the ants is the thorough cleansing of all surfaces where they are collected. It’s best to do this with the usual cleaning agent and water.

White vinegar

The most common natural remedy for the ants is the white vinegar, use it with a sprayer, by mixing an equal amount of vinegar and water in the spray bottle. Sprinkle the places where you notice the ants.

Zimeth Powder

The path behind which the ants move is abundantly pig with cinnamon. The ants do not tolerate the intense smell of cinnamon.

Kitchen salt

Mix a few tablespoons of table salt with boiling water and, when cool, place it in a sprayer. The salt area prevents the ants from entering the house.

A crayon or a baby powder

Cut one chalk and put the edges on the wall – the favorite spot of the ants. You can do the same with baby powder.

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