Food for health

Food for health

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The strawberry contains vitamin K, which many lack. This vitamin plays an important role in the strengthening and maintenance of bone health. Strawberries are rich in omega 3. Only one cup of strawberries contains 5% omega 3 fatty acids, and help regulate high blood pressure and blood clotting.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains a high level of phenol that encourages good mood. However, it should be taken in small quantities because it has many calories.


The cut carrot resembles the human eye and strengthens the blood flow to the eyes, which improves their function.


One orange in the day provides the required vitamin C dose per day. It is a dynamic immune booster. It is scientifically proven that vitamin C is best consumed in natural form. In addition, this delicious fruit is a good source of dietary fiber, calcium and folic acid.


It has been scientifically proven that unsaturated fats found in the avocado boost the properties of lycopene that has the ability to destroy cancerous cells and is present in tomatoes, making it 4 times more effective.

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