For a longer life, read 50 pages in one day

Longer Life

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Reading books is associated with longevity, according to a survey conducted on 3,635 people over the age of 50, according to the journal Social Science and Mediation.

The researchers divided subjects into three groups: the first includes those who do not read at all, the second reads up to three and a half hours a week, and the third one – those who read more than three and a half hours. For people in the second group, it has been shown that 17% are less likely to die the next 12 years than those in the first group. In the third group, the probability is 23 percent lower.

Book lovers average 2 years longer than those who do not read at all, according to the results of the survey.

– People who read at least half an hour a day have significantly greater chances of a longer life than those who do not read at all. People who read, show stronger mental abilities, combined with reading, clearly show the connection to longevity, said Beka Levi, a professor at Yale University.

Avni Bavishi, the head of the research, also assessed that the contribution to the story, the events, the characters, as well as the length of literature, increases the mental qualities and prolongs life.

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