For Everlasting Skin: What to Eat to Increase the Effects of Collagen?

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Probably so far you have already heard about the strong protein called collagen given its popularity.

The ingredient that is an inseparable part of the healthy eating world will make you look like a 20-year-old and at the same time speed up your digestive system.

Whether you decide to focus on a diet rich in collagen (for example, bone, fish and meat from herbaceous animals) or you decide on supplements, you certainly do the service to your body.

But what type of food will increase the effect of collagen? Read more about what kind of food you need to combine for maximum effect:

Foods rich in vitamin C
All experts agree that collagen should be consumed along with foods rich in vitamin C, such as lemon, citron, peppers and broccoli. Clinical studies show that food rich in antioxidants gives collagen better results.

This food helps regulate the enzymes that form collagen. Vitamin C increases the production of collagen in your body, which helps improve the skin’s barrier and wound healing.

Medical mushrooms
Adopted mushrooms such as mushrooms, lavish mane and cordyceps can help reduce stress, but they also have another unexpected benefit, which is that they contain proteoglycan, which supports the production of collagen.

Medical mushrooms help communicate between cells and help maintain low levels of cortisol, which in turn slows down the breakdown of collagen in our body.

If you do not have access to these medicinal mushrooms, you can replace them with shiitake mushrooms, which are easier to procure and also have a positive effect on collagen enlargement.

Is there something for which the turmeric is not good? This powerful fighter against inflammation also contributes to the production of cells (which is also the main work of collagen).

In addition to curcumin, the curcuma contains ingredients that are called turmerons that help the body regenerate the tissue and produce stem cells.

Stem cells and collagen have a similar role-to repair the tissue and regenerate the cells in the body. Therefore, often what helps stem cells work better, helps the collagen.

Studies show that beetroot is a great food for athletes because it helps the body distribute oxygen to more muscles.

This also helps in the production of collagen in the body, because the beetroot increases the NO2 sodium oxide and creates an environment where the body can regenerate the tissue and create a new one. When a part of the body does not have enough blood circulation, then that part does not create new cells.

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