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In addition to being nutritious, this low calorie fruit also has medicinal properties: it stimulates liver and kidney function and improves the process of ejection of fluids from the body. Whether because of their tempting red color, taste or smell, hardly anyone can resist the strawberries.

In the Romans, strawberries were highly prized fruit, and in the Middle Ages they were used in the treatment of many diseases. In the 18th century. from Chile and Peru, large-strawberry seeds have reached Europe. Although you can find them throughout the year in better-equipped shopping centers, their ideal time for consumption is from April to June. The small wild strawberries, known for their intense scent, are considered to be curative.

They contain a large amount of vitamin C, a large amount of antioxidants and cleanse the body’s fat. They reduce the amount of free radicals, stimulate detoxification, and reduce the risk of malignant tumors. Herbal phenols reduce the risk of heart disease, and hence encourage heart surgery.

According to the pyramid of the right and balanced diet, the strawberries are highly positioned and are recommended 2 to 3 fruit meals a day. They are rich in fibers that are beneficial to the digestive system and this reduces the possibility of colon cancer. They also reduce the risk of myocardial infarction and angina pectoris.

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