Garlic + Lemon – A combination that melts fat stomach deposits

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The flat stomach is one of the most desirable desires, but also the most difficult to achieve, since the modern way of life does not leave much time for exercise or daily preparation of meals.

Of course, exercise is the most effective method of achieving the desired figure, but certain groceries can also help.

How can garlic help you?
There are many medically sound studies that confirm the usefulness of garlic in many cases when our health is endangered, and it is also in the case of excessive weight loss.

It helps for better circulation and fast metabolism that burns calories much more efficiently. Garlic also gives you a feeling of satiety, which means you eat less.

What is the role of lemon?
Lemon is a citrus that effectively helps to remove toxins, hydrate the body and supply enough vitamins and minerals. All this helps to burn fat cells.

How to use lemon and garlic for weight loss?

Ingredients required:

3 chopped cloves garlic
4 round pieces of lemon
1 cup lukewarm water
3 drops of olive oil
Mix the garlic and lemon, add them to the warm water and add the olive oil.

Allow to stand for 20-25 minutes and stir. Stir, then drink the amount.

You can add honey or maple syrup.

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