How to get a flat stomach for a day?

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The bloated stomach is the number one enemy of most people, since most of them associate it with increased body weight.

However, the truth is that the bloated stomach does not have anything to do with the excess weight, but it occurs primarily as a result of an irregular diet and an inappropriate way of life.

To avoid all these inconveniences, follow the advice that experts point out as the basic ways in which your stomach will return to normal in just one day.

1. Drink more water

Our body consists of about 70% water and despite the fact that you think that drinking water only further fits your stomach is completely the opposite. Water is the one that stimulates the secretion of liquids and thus the ejection of all harmful toxins settled in the body.

2. Carefully select which fruits and vegetables you eat

All fruits and vegetables are used by the body, but beware when buying them from a supermarket. Broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage can cause bloating in those who have a problem with the stomach due to the lack of secretion of enzymes to decompose them.

3. Reduce the intake of dairy products

Some people have reduced the secretion of the enzyme lactase needed for the decomposition of lactose, sugar found in milk. Exactly this can often lead to a feeling of discomfort, gases and bloating.

4. Tell ‘no’ to croissants, cakes and pasta

Although carbohydrates are an important segment of the diet, however, what experts recommend is refined carbohydrates.

5. Limit the use of spices

If you’re a curry fan, choose a milder version because the intake of a large amount of spices stimulates the secretion of gastric acid and other enzymes that cause bloating.

6. Bring more foods containing fibrous fibers

Fibrous fibers are very important for a healthy digestive system. Therefore, let your breakfast consist of cereals, and include in your food mushrooms, potatoes and fruits as dates and figs.

7. Properly chew the food

Proper chewing means not only the proper preparation of digestive foods in the stomach but also a slower eating. And that is exactly what’s important to tackle the problem of overeating and bloating.

8. Avoid heavy meals

Eat more often, but less. This is the main rule that your body will have time to properly process the food you have introduced, releasing you the energy you need.

9. Do not chew gum

Perhaps it is a great way to reduce stress and tension in some situations, but it all contributes to the introduction of large amounts of air that causes bloating. Also, the mastics in some way stimulates food enzymes secreted in the stomach, which additionally affect the stomach bloating.

10. Avoid sweeteners

Natural sugars that contain foods are very useful and can easily absorb the body, which is not true for artificial sweeteners.

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