How to lose weight according to the zodiac sign?

lose weight according to the zodiac sign

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Members of this sign start with a lot of diet, but if the scale does not show the desired results quickly, they are ready to give up. They want to starve, but they just do yo-yo effects. It is best in the diet to bring smaller ones among the meals that they do not have the habit of practicing, and especially grapefruit and green tea. Because they love sweets, they should not give up on them, so as not to be nervous, but to focus on healthy sweets.


Members of this sign need more time to opt for a diet at all. However, once they have enough will, they persist and lose weight slowly but surely. It is recommended to eat more apples, but also spices like curry and chilli that will speed up their slow metabolism. Cereals, like yogurt, are a great choice for breakfast, and sweets should avoid them.


The twins are able to eat nothing all day, and at night to eat for three hours without stopping. They, like the rams, should practice more snacks and coffee to be replaced with tea. It is very important to eat a cookie.


Members of this sign usually want to cook and eat, so the diet hardly falls. They are prone to fast foods, which should be avoided. Chronically they lack vitamins in the body, so they need to rebuild them with fruits, especially apples, mandarins and oranges. White bread does not suit them, but if they decide on a diet, the most important thing is to persevere in the early days, especially when under stress because they often use food as a comfort.


The lions want good food and beverages, but rarely have problems with their weight because they know how to control it. They know that the kilograms easily “stick” to them, so they are controlled to the maximum. Fortunately, they are one of the signs that have fast metabolism, so it is usually enough to just start physical activity. Tip plus is to consume nuts.


Viruses are very disciplined and if you cause them to lose weight, believe it will achieve it quickly, so if you need and will starve. Especially their meat preparations and dishes are prepared, which are prepared with grease, and their homemade food is great. More walks are not on the swing.


The members of this sign are one of those whose diets are really difficult for them. They do not want restrictions, testing of character or starvation. So, when they are on a diet, they know how to sneeze on the first day, and the smartest thing they can do is start practicing with friends because they are putting them to action. More yogurt, fish, whole rice and soup should be introduced in their menu.


Scorpions are rarely on a diet, but if they do it greatly adhere. Usually they are very devoted to work and to various tasks, so they skip meals in the first part of the day, which is their biggest mistake. If you decide on a diet, you must eat breakfast, and other meals consist of larger amounts of celery, broccoli and cereals. Also a great choice for them is lean cheese.


Shooters are a sign that will have to be a little bit calmer in weight. They can hardly resist the biscuits, snacks that the rest offer them. For a diet to be successful, it is important to import vitamin C, garlic and salads. It will be more difficult if they do not exercise at the same time because their cancellations are too small for themselves to be seen on the scale.


The members of this sign are like the virgins, very disciplined. They determine their period of relaxation and weight gain, as well as the period of weakening. For them, the ideal weight issue means health, and it is best to bring in soups of vegetables, tuna and fresh vegetables in their diet. They can afford something sweet, but occasionally. Their biggest enemy is pasta and calorie sauces.


Aquarius has no dieting problems, but there are diet rules that you should adhere to. They do not like planning, buying groceries and combining food, and the most important thing for them is when choosing food to reject everything caloric. This particularly applies to chips and alcohol in which they can enjoy a lot.


The fish are prone to overeating and obesity, and the best way to start a diet is detoxification with teas, vegetables, fruits and a clean place. After seven days cleaning the body of toxins, it is desirable to gradually and in small quantities introduce the most carbohydrates. Diets are hard for them to fall, and it is easiest for them to have a company in a diet and when someone constantly encourages them.

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