Modern weight loss diets. Diet 5:2

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Firstly, to define the term DIETA in the true sense of the word – diet is a diet, it is not only a way that contributes only to rapid weight loss, which means that if you try to change your appearance forever, weaken and keep that kind of body appearance requires dietary consistency and the application of a healthy diet and active life, so as not to achieve YO_YO effect.

5: 2 diet is also called Fasting Diet, is based on the weekend principle, ie it is eaten normally for 5 days a week (consumed up to 1,300 calories per day) -so without consuming many sugars and products containing starch, and within the weekend (recommended due to the reduced volume of activities, stress and work), calorie intake for women up to 500 calories is recommended and in men 600 calories.
In both days, a fasting post is made, and only liquids and unprocessed fast foods are consumed, such as water, lemon, jusquets, wonders, fresh fruits, vegetables and so on.
This type of diet resembles fasting in the moon diet, except that in the moon diet, fasting days are days when only water is consumed.
It is recommended to exercise moderately 3 days a week after a minimum of 1 hour a day, in order to moderate body fat metabolism and to accelerate the process of weight loss, maintenance of regular stool and bowel discharge.

Since weight is rapidly losing, fans of this diet claim to be able to improve their performance, notice improvements in brain function and provide themselves with humility, thus achieving an effect that helps fight diseases like Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

However, evidence of the effectiveness of this diet is limited compared to other popular weight loss diets around the world. A study in 2010 found that women placed on a 5: 2 diet benefited from weight loss rates similar to those when they were counted in caloric intake, and they also had fewer opportunities to get sick of chronic diseases like Diabetes Type 2, while results obtained from a 2012 study suggest that this diet model incorporated as a diet can help cancer patients who are in direct correlation with obesity such as breast cancer.
Positive features of this type of diet:
If you stick to this type of diet in two weeks more results are achieved than in seven days, so you need to stick to this type of diet and continue to lose weight in excess.

Negatives of this diet:

Non-restrictive days do not mean that we should indulge in unlimited eating of any type of meals and inactivity.

Remember that in order to be effective every diet must be carried out at the same time along with physical activity that will also speed up the process of losing weight.
It’s wrong when a diet is made to decide to cut calories at all costs, skipping meals can make you feel drowsy, bad, get a headache, be irritated, have a bad breath, and have problems with your ability for concentration. Making healthy choices and physical activity are the keys to success in making a diet. Also, the word diet refers to the diet, so while you are doing the diet you do not have to do it once you achieve the desired effects immediately throwing on unhealthy foods, but part of the dietary changes you insert into the regular diet.

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