Only 3% of people wash their hands properly – Where we are wrong?

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How many times during the day do you get touched by your hands touching your face or catching food, which you then consume?

As an adult, you certainly already know the basics of maintaining hygiene. You have to shower every day, not forget to wash your pants regularly and wash your hands properly.

But it seems we are failing, especially at the last. According to a survey by the US Department of Agriculture, 97% of people do not wash their hands properly.

In a rush we only put our hands under water and we almost do not rub them.

The research was done in 6 kitchens in restaurants in North Carolina. Participants were people who cooked the food you eat at restaurants. It has been discovered that the bacteria from the raw meat are transferred to the refrigerator handles, and hence to all the nutrients.

How should you wash your hands?

It is recommended to wash for 20 seconds under a strong soap, rubbing the back of the palms, the places between the toes and under the nails.

Then rinse them and wipe them with a clean towel. The research showed that many of the respondents did not use a clean towel for their hands and thus again polluted them with bacteria after washing.

20 seconds surely sounds like an incredibly long time, but if your hands then prepare food or snack something, it’s definitely worth it.

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