Recipe: A mixture for the treatment of anemia

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The bad blood count, that is, the anemia is the beginning of many health problems.

If you are struggling with it for a long time, this recipe will make you feel better.

Folk medicine claims that you need only a few ingredients to make a tasty and healthy blend.

Ingredients required:
200ml honey
200g nuts
200g of raisins
200ml of carrot juice
200ml of beetroot juice
2 lemons
Cut the lemons and clean them from the seeds, then grind them in a blender with or without crust, if desired. Add the juices and honey in them and stir. At the end, add minced walnuts and raisins.

You will receive about 1 kilogram of medicinal mixture that you can store in glass jars in a cool place.

A way of use:
Consume 1 cup every morning on an empty stomach.

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