Recipe of the day: Pizza Roll

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It often happens that we want to do something and in the end we realize that somehow we have swallowed some more dough than needed. – Pizza Roll


This pizza roll is the ideal solution for such situations.

Just sip the dough into a bark, add a little ketchup, cheese and some delicious product and you already have a quick and easy dinner.

600 g white soft flour
2 eggs
1 cube of fresh yeast
150 g margarine
300 ml warm milk
1 tablespoon oil
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon oregano
1 teaspoon of salt
200 g of cheese
200 g ham (or other chocolate product)
100 ml ketchup
Method of preparation:
In lukewarm water, add the yeast and stir with a wire. In another container, place the flour, salt and margarine on the leaves and mix well.

In the milk container, add the sugar and the oil and one egg and fine-tune with a wire.

Then add the milk and yeast to the bowl with flour and margarine and dough.

Allow the dough to grow for about 30 minutes. When it’s ready, place it on a sputtered surface and divide it into two parts.

Roll the dough into a crust and add ketchup, ham and cheese, kulen, tea to it …


Scrub the remaining egg with a fork and paint the ends of the bark.

Then bend the bark into the roll. Repeat the procedure with the other dough.

Cut the finished rolls into pieces with a thickness of about 3 centimeters and bake them in a paper-coated pot for about 30 minutes at 200 ° C.

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