Rice as healthy food


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Of all external factors affecting human health, the diet has the most important place. Today, it is known that irrational, insufficient and contaminated foods cause a disruption of health. It is a raw material that constantly renews our body. Healthy food is a condition for the normal functioning of the organism, it causes a series of deep and intense processes that affect the general vitality of humans. Healthy eating is a basic requirement for a disease to arise, and at the same time a factor that contributes to the disease is easier to cure, and not only when it comes to diseases that are the immediate consequence of an irregular, insufficient or unwanted diet, but also when it comes to diseases of other nature. The basis for proper diet is plant foods that include rice.

Rice is easily digestible and has a high energy value with a high coefficient of utilization of about 95.5%. It makes it better than wheat, and its only drawback is that it has a poor protein value. The nutritional value is high – 100 grams of rice gives 360 calories and contains 13% water, about 6% protein, very low fat – about 0.5%, and most starch – over 75%. The orange grape has a great nutritional value due to its content of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it belongs to products that can rightly be said to be healthy food.

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