Seeds of chia

Seeds of chia

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Seeds of chia

Salavia hispanica is known from ancient times and was an important source of energy for the Mayans and Inca. Due to the extraordinary characteristics of the seeds, the Mayans called it “Chia” which means “Force”.

The seeds of Chia is the richest plant source of Omega-3 fatty acids (even 30%), Omega-6 fatty acids (10%), proteins and powerful antioxidants. This “super-seed”, as they are called nutritionists, is an excellent source of essential minerals (phosphorus, manganese, calcium and zinc) and contains a high percentage of dietary fiber.

Did you know that?

The Chia Seed contains:

– 8 x more Omega-3 than salmon
– 30% more antioxidants than blackberries
– 25% more flax seed fiber
– 5 x more calcium than milk

Chia Seeds – New Natural Super Energy

Due to the rich nutritional value by introducing the seeds from which in your daily diet you will experience a range of benefits:

– Increased energy levels and improved mood
– Improved concentration, working ability and clearer thinking
– The richness of Omega-3 fatty acids affects the reduction of high blood pressure and lowering of cholesterol in the blood
– Positively affects maintaining healthy bones – Seed of which contains a high percentage of calcium, one tablespoon of seed of which contains the same amount of calcium as two glasses of milk
– High percentage of dietary fiber (soluble and insoluble) in the seeds that positively affects digestion of food, peristalsis of the gut and eliminates the problem of constipation
– Positively affects maintaining healthy body weight and slender figure

Four properties of seeds that affect weight loss:

– Seeds that have the ability to grow up to 12 times its size when added to the fluid. This affects you feeling in a very short time and reduce food intake.
– A seed of a nutritional bomb – you will bring in a wealth of Omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, antioxidants, folic acid and essential minerals with a minimum intake of calories
– Slowly digested in the body, allowing for a feeling of satiety for a long time and slow release of energy. This will help prevent the lack of energy that often occurs in diets
– With the addition of the seeds in your diet you will feel more energetic and it will be much easier for you to practice half an hour of walking or other exercises in your daily routine.

Seeds of chia in 25 healthy combinations

1. Mix minced seeds of chia, flax, pumpkin, sunflower or integral
sow in meadow honey and consume every morning for a spoon of energy
2. Add chilli seed to fresh fruit juice or vegetables
3. Add it to a clear juice to thicken the structure and enrich it
4. Mix the fresh fruit in the blender, the seeds of which Vitalia muesli of your choice and prepare an energy drink
5. Stir the seeds of chia in shakes
6. In a meal of milk muesli, add seeds of chia to enrich the nutritional value
7. Chop the seeds of chia, soak it in warm milk and make porridge
8. Enrich the morning fruit salad with honey and nuts, with Chia Seeds
9. Stir the ground chena with butter and have a greeting for morning breakfast
10. Stir in yogurt
11. Eat purely from chia as a supper
12. Add chopped seeds into integral flour and prepare a delicious and healthy bread
13. Make a mildew by combining poppy seed and china seed
14. Make pancakes with ground china, whole flour, milk and eggs
15. Add seeds of chio in crushed eggs, leave to stand for 10 minutes and make an omelet
16. Chick the seeds in a soup to enrich the nutritional value
17. Sprinkle seeds of chia on salads or add it to salad sauce
18. Add it to an already cooked lentils, spaghetti, ginger and other varieties
19. Add seeds of Chia to already cooked intergalent rice
20. Healthy additive in meatballs of zucchini and soy crumbs
21. Get chill seeds in pasta sauces
22. Make puree in a healthier variant – leave the seeds to stand in milk and then add it to the potato puree
23. Stir the pudding of chia with soya milk or cow’s milk
24. The seeds of Chia is a great addition to cakes
25. Mix chio seeds in cake creams …

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