Several ways to improve the circulation


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Many have a problem with poor circulation, but most of them either ignore the problem or take it too seriously, but the fact is that poor circulation can lead to serious health problems.

Poor circulation causes fatty deposits on the walls of the arteries, which in turn inhibits the circulation of blood. If bad circulation is reacted in time, it can be cured or prevented by changing lifestyle, medication, and in some more serious cases and by surgery.

The main symptoms of poor circulation are tingling in the legs, cramps in the legs and feet, pains and swollen feet and feet or cold palms and feet.

Physical activity

Physical activity improves circulation. Legs also improve blood flow through contraction of the muscles. For this, there will be enough strolling or aerobic exercises.

Normal weight

The healthy body is more prone to normal blood flow than that which is undernourished or obesity.

Herbal supplements

In all pharmacies there are available natural herbal remedies that improve circulation. Whether they are in the form of tea, drops or tablets, feel free to add them to the diet. Herbs useful for circulation are: rosemary, nettle, ginseng and ginkgo.

Do not stand too much

Avoid long-term static loads such as standing and walking.

Deep breaths

With deep breaths you increase your lung capacity and you get more oxygen needed for metabolism and body cells.

Leave cigarettes

Smoking damages the endothelium of the arteries and stimulates the formation of cholesterol.

Thermo socks, scarves

Thermo socks, warm clothes and shawls will help you maintain body temperature.

Hot-cold treatments

Alternately immerse your feet in warm, cold water to stimulate the circulation.

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