Showering or hot bath: What’s better for health?

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After a long and busy day, relaxing with a fragrant bath in the tub sounds like a really tempting idea. On other occasions, however, the short and refreshing shower quickly appears to be a winning option for saving time.

Some people prefer the warm bath, and others shower. What is actually healthier?

In the opinion of experts, showering is a much healthier option than the bathroom. Doctor Rachel Nazaryan, a dermatologist from New York, argues that while the bout can benefit individuals with skin problems, for the majority of people, it’s not such a good idea. Why?

“The only advantage of the hot bath is that it allows certain ingredients to absorb better into the skin. If you have inflammation, the beverage can help calm your eczema. Otherwise showering is a far healthier option. ”

It is recommended that you do not bathe longer than 10 or 15 minutes.

When you shower, your body is exposed to a smaller amount of water. Excessive exposure to water damages the skin, as it flushes the natural fat that protects it.

It becomes dry and more susceptible to cracking, irritation and inflammation.

If you prefer the bathing, it is desirable to use cocoa or olive oil additives in order to minimize the drying of the skin.

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