Sodium bicarbonate: the cheapest remedy currently in action

Baking soda

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Sodium bicarbonate is a powerful powder that can help you for many things, from healing – to the deep cleansing of the furniture.

Many use it as a great way to quickly whiten your teeth, but did you think what would happen if you were drinking it daily dissolved in water?

1. Gastric acid
If you drink a glass of water with half a teaspoon of baking soda, you will adjust the pH to your stomach. It will help you reduce acidity in your body, which is believed to be one of the causes of cancer.

2. Misery
Experts say the sores are caused by acid in the stomach. And in this case, baking soda may be your ally.

3. Urinary infections
Bacteria live and multiply in acidic environment, so if you have problems with urinary infection, drink a bicarbonate solution (half a teaspoon in a glass of water) and the symptoms should briefly disappear.

4. Gout
The gout is an inflammation of the joints, caused by the retention of urinary acid in the body. Soda bicarbonate can help you get rid of such unpleasant pains and prevent their further creation.

5. Cold and flu
Sodium bicarbonate is a great drug for flu and colds. If used regularly, it can destroy viruses at the earliest stage.

6. Stones in the kidneys
Daily drinking water with baking soda can break the resulting, but also prevent the formation of new pebbles. If you have kidney problems, before using natural medicines, consult your doctor.

7. Force
Water with baking soda increases the physical viability of your body. The secret is that the alkalinity of baking soda reduces the level of lactic acid produced by the muscles.

Recommended dose of water with baking soda
First day: Pour 6 doses – 1 cup water with half a teaspoon of baking soda, every 2 hours one. The water should be cold.

Day 2: Pour 4 doses every 3 hours a day.

Third day: Drink one dose in the morning and at night.

Fourth day and on: Drink 1 cup of water with half a teaspoon of baking soda every day until unwanted symptoms disappear.

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