Summer recipe: Colorful shake for weight loss

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Spring and summer are ideal seasons for “line-up”. –¬†Colorful shake for weight loss

There are plenty of fruits and vegetables available, while hot weather makes you more fluid.

Homemade shakes are excellent intermeasures, but also a substitute for a whole meal, because they successfully saturate and provide you with all the nutrients.

In addition, we offer you a recipe for a summer, colorful shake that will be your best ally in the goal to wear sexy bikinis.

Ingredients required:
1 fresh apricot cut into small pieces
Pineapple pineapple
Whole banana
6 strawberries
A full cup of processed milk
How is the colorful shake made?
All the ingredients are mixed in a blender until you get a liquid, dense, and homogeneous mixture.

The colorful shake is the most delicious if it’s cold.

A colorful shake shake

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