The diet that delighted and the doctors, proclaimed as the best

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The American magazine “US News & World Report” published the list of best diets for 2018, and for the third year in a row part of the same is the diet “DASH”, which with its nutrition balance once again won the jury and quite justified has won the 2018 World’s Best Diet Title.

The combination of proteins, fruits, vegetables and cereals, which is recommended within the diet “DASH” or “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension”, delighted the jury of 22 doctors and psychologists.

The primary goal of this diet is the reduction of blood pressure, and besides, it is a diet that has high nutritional value, that is, it offers the best combination of nutrients from all modern diets.

Thus, this diet contains lots of B12 and potassium, ingredients that are rarely present in most diets. Also, smaller amounts of salt are recommended, not more than 1.5 grams for people older than 51 years.

The author of the diet is the American nutritionist Marla Heller, who organized the food plan in two phases, and so while larger diets have a harmful effect on overall health, this diet is a revolutionary way of weight loss.

Heller explained that the essence of the diet is concentrating on the type of foods that are introduced into the body, so the most important thing is to choose low-fat proteins and healthy fats, which give a feeling of saturation and control appetite.

Therefore, one should not think too much about the dishes that should be avoided by those who decide to use the “DASH” diet.

Useful tips

♦ Consume protein-rich intentions, and this group includes loose meat, fish and processed products, beans, lentils, soybeans, low-fat spreads, eggs, unsweetened yogurt

♦ Enter intestines containing omega-3 and unsaturated fats, such as avocados, vegetable oils, especially olive oil, as well as nuts.

♦ Avoid foods rich in starch, except beans. So, avoid consuming bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, all those who are fried in dough, sweet dishes, including fruits, regardless of whether it is fresh, frozen, dried or preserved. Of course, avoidance of alcohol, beverages with caffeine and milk is also recommended.

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