The most powerful herbs that kill carcinogens

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Herbs are natural helpers against many diseases. Their use in the daily menu can help us to be healthy, functional and to fight preventively against the disease of the century – the cancer.

It’s nice to have fresh spices, herbs and food every day, which is a natural shield against tumors and other dangerous diseases. And do not forget – nature is a great healer. And here are the remaining 5 herbs that help us fight cancer.

Aloe has been mentioned for years as a plant that helps many different types of cancer. The aloe gel strengthens the immune system, and also acts anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

Mint is also a very useful plant and a great spice. Except that it has the properties to stop the blood circulation of cancer cells, it acts cleansing of the body and helps with distortion and fainting. Except in the mangoes and salads, you can also make mint tea.

The red clover, except that it helps with hormonal imbalance, also contains compounds against tumors, rich in vitamin E.

Copper is a very useful herb and spice. It stimulates the production of antioxidants, and does not allow the cells to get sick. It is also useful for intestinal peristalsis and for high blood pressure.

Rosemary also contains beneficial fatty acids, which inhibit the formation of diseased cells. Its essential oils also help to purify the body. That’s why Rosemary is particularly recommended for people who maintain chemotherapy.

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