These foods contain the most vitamin D

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Vitamin D is very important in the diet because it prevents depression and strengthens the immune system and bones, and its deficiency is associated with the onset of dementia and rickets. Here’s the list of foods that contain the most vitamin D.


It is generally known that the fish contains many nutrients, and the salmon is definitely one of the best sources of vitamin D. However, one can not afford to buy this food, so it’s good news that vitamin D can be found in the canned tuna and sardines.


We believe that you will not be surprised at what’s on this list the food that many generations have grown. Just keep in mind that the milk with a lower percentage of fat has less vitamin D.


Normally, like other groceries, eggs should not be over-exaggerated, and the best ones are organic and cheese, produced on farms where hens are made.

Pork meat

If you want meat, the best way to increase the intake of vitamin D is to eat more pork. Basically, the place general is not the best source of this vitamin, but of all kinds of meat, the pork contains the most, when it comes to the ribs.


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