Two recipes for home-made cough syrup to be ready for the cold season

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No matter how much we keep ourselves and watch out for ourselves, it will always happen that somebody nods without putting a hand on your mouth or getting to work, so it can easily spread contagion.

Even more often at variable time and less sunny days, immunity reacts with a decline, and it is quite favorable for “hanging up” a viral common cold.

In those days it is important to drink enough fluids, to receive vitamins and not to unnecessarily exhale to cold.

Often with these colds comes an unpleasant cough, for which you can not even breathe even when you cough.

At home you can prepare two effective home-made syrups, which are made from cheap ingredients, and will help to calm your cough.
First recipe
One pack of black candy (Negro)
100 milliliters of milk
Put the candy in a pot, on a low heat, to melt. When you get a river mixture, add the milk and stir until they are merged. When you receive syrup, transfer it to a jar.

You can take it whenever you think it is needed.

Second recipe
10 menthol candy
6 loci (clean, no nuts)
One can of Coca-Cola
In the pot melted together menthol candy and loci on low heat. After melting, Coca-Cola is added and mixed until a mixture of syrup density is obtained.

It is taken every time you feel a need.

Take the syrups in case of a dry cough. Do not stop the productive cough in any way on your own, but consult a doctor to prevent lung obstruction.

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