Watching 3D movies is dangerous to health!

Watching 3D films is dangerous

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Watching 3D movies is dangerous to health!

Several Japanese companies have warned that viewing 3D movies can be harmful to the health of viewers.

Toshiba, Sharp and Hitachi together with the Japanese government have created a 3D content viewer explaining the negative consequences.

Vertigo, nausea and severe eyelids can be the consequences of watching 3D movies, they argue.

“We do not think that this will be a big problem for many spectators, but we must warn people about the possible negative consequences for their health,” said Kashi Imai, a spokeswoman for the consortium.

He adds that the manual will be available in cinemas and stores where one can buy, ie to see 3D technique.

As the British newspaper Telegraph writes, for now there is no data to what extent viewing of 3D content can adversely affect health.

The new generation of these films is currently a hit in all the cinema halls around the world. The film Avatar director James Cameron has crushed all records of box office profits around the world, while the film Alice in Wonderland still collects a lot of money.

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