Weight loss with chocolate diet: 5 kg in 5 days

Chocholate diet

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This diet is sweet, but very restrictive and you will have to give up a lot of dishes. But that’s why you have chocolate.

Although it contains black chocolate, pasta and popcorn, the “chocolate diet” quickly melts the pounds. The secret is that black chocolate accelerates metabolism.

Given that the diet is very restrictive it is not recommended to keep it longer than five days.

During the chocolate diet, you should avoid alcoholic beverages, salt, sugar, high-calorie fruits such as avocados, grapes, pimples, bananas, fried foods, dairy products, red meat, nuts and seeds, chips, fast food, sweets, coffee and guarana drinks.

To achieve the effect of losing five pounds in five days, do not forget about physical activity, and add three times a day fast walking in half an hour.

Example menu:

Breakfast: Popcorn and water

Supper: 20 gr. black chocolate

Lunch: Pasta with vegetable salad

Supper: 20 gr. black chocolate

Evening: Spaghetti with tomato sauce flavored with garlic and oregano, with vegetables cooked on steam.

NOTE: During the day, drink plenty of water to speed up metabolism and encourage toxins.

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