What can you discover from improper posture?

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The human body is a really complex structure that still hides a lot of mysteries. But all of us as individuals have a special way of moving and of course a special way of keeping the body.

Psychology as a science explores every aspect and every move of the body and can learn much about the character of man only by observing his movements.

Each person has different body posture that depends on several factors. The structure of the bones, or the skeleton, plays a very important role in our posture. But, throughout the day, our posture and attitude can be changed many times, as it is influenced by external and internal factors.

When we are moody, our body is upright, our shoulders are positioned back and we are partially higher. When we are uncomfortable or sad, it is often reflected on our movement and attitude, and our body in these cases is bent, bent, and we bend our head looking into the floor.

But, as we have already mentioned, our attitude can be a great indicator that gives important data about our mood among other people around us. Often, we also notice that people who stand upright and proud often are often more successful than their colleagues who do not pay attention to keeping the body.

According to the manner of holding psychologists distinguish several types of characters:

Shiseido type
This type of people are often low and thin. Their holding is bent and their head is always pointed to the floor. They are very timid and do not want to participate in social interactions with other people. An example of this posture is Charlie Chaplin.

Oral type
This type of people are most often those with strong musculature and a straight upright stance with a little bent backward. They are often good leaders or bosses and want to be surrounded by friends and family. But they often need praise and attention because they know how to be really emotional and vulnerable. An example of this type of people is Paul McCartney.

Masochistic type
People who have a considerably lean head and always slightly bent head fall into this group of figures. They have low self-esteem, a need for praise and acceptance by the people around them and are characterized as eternal sacrifices. An example of this posture and character is Merlin Monroe.

Psychopathic type
This type of personality always has straightened and confident posture with upright shoulders and head high up. They always want to climb to the top, most often they succeed in it and are the type of people who do not give up their intentions. An example of this type of person is the iron Lady Margaret Thatcher.

Hysterical type
This type of person often has no static posture and changes positions. They are expressive in their movements, but basically require attention from their audience and very easily fall under the influence of others. An example of such a person is director Federico Fellini.

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