What is the difference between poor sleep and continuous insomnia?

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Many people who sleep 2-3 nights instantly are self-diagnosed with insomnia. The truth is that there are differences between the chronic problem with bad sleep and periodic sleeplessness.

Almost everybody happened to sleep badly at a given time or go for one or two sleepless nights and then go back in line.

People who suffer from chronic insomnia have a serious disorder, which disturbs them in everyday activities.

For example, they do not sleep deep enough, wake up to every sound, the quality of the dream is terrible and wake up more tired than when you were lying down. It is very different from cases where sleep is prevented due to other factors (travel, change of environment, excitement or sadness).

Symptoms of insomnia are repeated for short periods, while poor sleep are often short-lived and are repeated for long periods or never again.

These are the five key differences that diverge these two states:

Bad sleeping habits
Not everyone who sleeps sleep insomnia. A large percentage of poor quality sleep affects the light from the computer, the phone and other electronic devices, but also the unregulated heat in the room.

In those with insomnia, removing these obstacles will not help, while in those who sleep poorly, a change will be seen shortly.

The reasons for the broken dream
There are many factors that disturb your sleep. If you find that you are sleeping poorly because of medications, diet, snoring, or because you have been drinking something caffeine and a little before you lie down, then you do not suffer from insomnia, but from periodically poor sleep.

Those who suffer from insomnia are much more difficult to locate the reasons why this happens, so they also require professional help.

Duration of symptoms
Sure, it can sometimes be easily mistaken and experienced as insomnia one bad nightfall. In this case, you should follow the duration of the symptoms.

On average, if you sleep more than three times a week for three consecutive weeks, they are symptoms of insomnia.

If it is only a recurring period of sleep, the symptoms will disappear after 7-10 days or after a much shorter period of time.

How much time do you spend in bed?
In those with insomnia, it may happen that they are 10 hours in bed, and they are barely 3 while others are in bed for six hours and sleep 5 hours and 40 minutes.

In the latter, sleep disturbances are most likely due to late lying or premature awakening. The former, however, have a serious problem when they can not sleep half the time when they are in bed.

The causes of stress
The existence of causes of stress that does not give you peace is present and when you have insomnia and when you have periodically poor sleep.

Thus, if the causes of stress are constant (poor economic conditions, worsened relationships with people, physical or psychological hurdles), they cause insomnia.

On the other hand, the annoyance before an important meeting or other condition that will pass in one or two days may disturb the dream until the situation resolves.

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