Why is walking on the beach well?

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Reflexes of the feet are improving

Do you know that on the feet and palms there are points for all the vital organs in our body? By walking in the sand, the pressure points of the lower part of the feet are stimulated, which improves the reflexes, but the internal organs are massaged and the flow of vital energy through them is improved.

It’s good for children too

By walking, running along the beach and various other activities, proper psychomotor development, creativity, muscle strength and prevention of flat feet are encouraged.


The earth absorbs free electrons through the lower part of the feet. This way a strong antioxidant effect is achieved so you can reduce certain inflammation in your body.


Sea air is rich in magnesium and provides relaxation of the body, improves mood and acts anti-stretch (this improves the quality of sleep), and iodine improves thyroid function.

More calories are consumed

It’s much more difficult to navigate the sand and rugged terrain, and as a result, you consume 20 to 50% more calories.

Facilitates joint impact

The sand acts as a natural cushion that absorbs the impact directly from your feet.

Exfoliation and massage

The warm sand provides natural peeling and massage (natural reflex massage, anti-cellulite massage, micro massage), removes dead cells from the skin of the feet and feet, thus opening the skin pores and feeding it with the mineral composition of the sand (containing minerals from the sea and from small shells and algae)

Strengthening the bones

Sand walking strengthens the bones of the hips, knees, and lower legs.

Toning muscles

Because it’s harder to walk in the sand than on a flat road, muscles work with greater resistance, and the result is tinted feet and butt.

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