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Jumping is a great training. It has many benefits for quickly sculpting the figure and losing excess weight. The jumping jump also improves coordination and helps improve balance balancing skills.

Why is jumping on the rope one of the best exercises?

Burns a lot of calories
Jumping is a very intense cardio training. That’s why even 10 minutes of jumping rope burns a huge amount of calories and helps to speed up fat loss.
With high intensity of jumping in 15 minutes, you can reach 250 calories burning.

Bone density improves
Bone density is important, especially for women’s health. Women at risk of osteoporosis are good to jump on a rope. If you have any injuries and previous fractures, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Coordination and speed of movement are improved
Jumping is an effective exercise that athletes and athletes do in order to improve coordination and speed. Therefore, the jumping of the rope to a moderate degree is also useful for amateur athletes.

It is useful for the heart and blood vessels
The health of the cardiovascular system depends on cardio training. If you do not have the time and desire to do long and exhausting cardio exercises, jumping on a rope is a great option. You can jump short, but intensively. So you are achieving a similar effect.

Helps to increase muscle mass
The good thing about jumping on a rope is that it is not an ordinary cardio training, because it is a combination of aerobic and energy exercises. When raising their own weight and overcoming the obstacle, the muscles participate very actively.
That’s why jumping on the rope is wonderful training – it’s a combination of cardio and a heavy load. And that is the most important thing for an appropriate physical activity.

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