Women are more likely to have migraines than men, and there is a reason for this

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Migraine can attack and when you do not expect it at all. Simply, you are sitting and seeing the job, and in the next second you feel that your pain is putting pressure on your eyes.

The feeling is said to be fierce, terribly, and migraine attacks women more often than men. The reason for this is the exact level of estrogen in the body.

Estrogen is really powerful – helps maintain a healthy and regular cycle, stabilizes temperature, regulates cholesterol, helps rebuild collagen, and keeps bones. According to the latest findings, too much estrogen causes pain in the brain, that is, the well-known migraine.

And while some are happy to count the total number of migraines for a lifetime on one hand, others have a 7-8-fold after two weeks. Some manage to function despite pain, and there are those who end up in hospital.

Women are more likely to have chronic migraines, and the number compared to men increases the hormones. However, not every migraine is caused by the level of estrogen. On the other hand, testosterone helps in easier recovery from migraines, but also for their rarer occurrence. Because of this, many women have awesome migraines when in PMS or during a monthly cycle.

One of the theories is that the level of estrogen plays with our sensitivity to pain. On the one hand, if the level of estrogen is low, you will feel pain, and if it is too high, the pain is even greater. On the other hand, the normal levels of estrogen in the body make you less sensitive to pain, which means in this case the balance is the most important.

What continues to bother with science is why women do not respond equally to migraine therapy as well as men. Therefore, only one tablet can not be prescribed, but many women find the solution in a variety of painkillers, in combination with a supplements and foods or spices.

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