DOCTOR FROM ITALY: You all have home remedy against cancer

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According to the WHO, the number of cancer patients is enormously increasing.

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by toxic chemicals, radiation. In the last five decades, the number of certain carcinogenic diseases has increased significantly.

According to the conservative forecasts of the World Health Organization, the number of carcinogenic diseases in the world by 2020 would increase by 50 percent.


No matter how shocking, no United Nations agency deals with this issue, why is the number of cancer patients increasing steadily?

An excellent example is Belarus, which shows a huge increase in cancer patients (yellow line), an increase in the number of patients with thyroid cancer (the blue line) and a reduction in overall treatment (red line).

Our environment physically and mentally has become so poisonous, along with food and water that we put into our body, which is a real miracle that the number of diseased and dead by cancer is no greater.


Modern technologies for cancer treatment do not guarantee cure despite numerous foundations and agencies that for decades have been trying to find a reliable remedy for carcinogenic diseases.

We will not deal with the modern methods of treating cancerous diseases due to the numerous controversies and contradictions that are so numerous.

The usual baking soda, unleashed in pure water, something you can do yourself at home. The old folk remedy against numerous inflammation and fungi was as follows: Three days in the morning and in the evening to drink a glass of pure water in which one tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate was dissolved. For the next three days to drink fresh lemonade without sugar all day while the body is not overloaded with vitamin C and can not absorb more. In case of need, the whole procedure should be repeated.


Some of the alternative ways of treating cancer are illegal despite being quite successful, the most famous example is of course “cannabis sativa” or marijuana, which most successfully helps to remove the accumulated diseases. Another example is apricot seeds that contain a large amount of vitamin B 17 (laetrile) that kills cancer cells without any adverse effects. How much this world has become psychopathic is evidence of America, which thanks to the American Health Organization has declared these seeds as illegal because they contained dangerous chemicals in America and Australia, apricots can only be sold without seeds.

Doctor ontologist Tulio Simoncini is the one who discovered that the cheap and accessible non-toxic bicarbonate soda heals cancer and tumor. Because of this, he was proclaimed by the health organization as a charlatan and a heretic.

The most successful cure for cancer is bicarbonate sodium (NaHCO3), which for our great happiness has not yet been declared illegal in this crazy world! Dr. Simonchini is an oncologist from Rome, Italy. His basic theory of cancer prevention is that the causes of cancer occurring are mainly fungi called “Candida Albancas”! Sodium bicarbonate, unlike other anti-fungal treatments in which fungi can become immune, quickly and easily enter the tissue with cancer or tumor. Due to this feature, sodium bicarbonate rapidly decomposes the tumor. For these reasons fungi are no longer able to do harm and are completely defenseless before the attack on this natural chemical substance.

“Candida albicans,” the cause of many female illnesses, according Simoncini, is the main cause of cancer.

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